coast to coast

never thought i’d say this… but i find myself singing to myself.
in afrikaans.
jack parow??
what’s that about?

tussen stasies – jack parow with die heuwels fantasties is ridiculously good. or perhaps its just because its so unexpected from him. or that i identify with him in some way and what he has to say here. either way, its on loop in my brain.

i feel a little lost today. Its my birthday and i feel like i’m on the other side of the world…
wait… i am.

i find home in lara’s eyes and joy in jamie’s smile but i still feel
rather lonesome right now.

here is a pic from Times Square, New York City
and from Eames house, Pacific Palisades.
both fantastic places.
I hope to see everything in between with my two special girls one day soon and find a bit more peace.

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