so i’m a slacker

i’m a slacker.
every now and then i take a picture or two
and then every second now or then i work on a picture or two.
and then every third or possibly fourth now and then i post on my blog.

which is all inconsequential actually. because no-one reads my blog, this i know.
and rightfully so i guess because i never write anything…

so now i will write something.

a general update posting from history, both recent and not.

a mitsubishi triton… in some water… and some mud… and some low light.
shot for old shanghai firecracker factory.

a girl… named octavia, 12 years old. shot for a test. Niqui Da Silva did very nice make up.

a farm and three cows and two horses and one barn. natal midlands

a slightly frustrated ross garrett, whilst in cape town on shoot.
you’d never think he liked me from his expression in this picture, would you?

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